Fall 1998 Results Summary

Fall 1998 - Peep Show

A small but determined group of runners showed up on a day that was cold (2 degrees) and breezy. However, it was not the race itself but an incident that took place afterwards that will be remembered for years to come. With all the runners heading back to Clarica for a well deserved hot shower, Steve Apperson somehow found his way into the ladies change room by mistake. As luck would have it, Helene Michaud was just stepping out of the shower at that moment and Steve was treated to quite an eyeful. After allowing his gaze to linger a moment longer than was appropriate, Steve ducked his head and bowed out of the room mumbling apologies. Steve wasn't sure who he had just "met" but he shared his story with the male runners who quickly helped him identify Helene. It was agreed that nothing would be said about the incident at the post race party but Helene changed all that when she strolled up to the table of runners and asked loudly, "Who just saw me naked?". In a sad footnote, that was the last race Steve ever ran. Was he too ashamed to return or did he figure that it just couldn't get any better than that?

10 km Results
Results determined by the runner whose time was closest to their predicted time.

  Name Predicted Time Race Result Difference
1 Pauline Hepburn 45:30 55:25 0:05
2 Helen Ruetz 45:30 45:24 0:06
3 Dan Burton 40:30 40:13 0:17
4 Rick Kean 50:30 50:48 0:18
5 Alan Farquhar 38:50 38:23 0:27
6 Peter Mostert 42:00 41:33 0:27
7 Jeffrey Lavery 43:30 42:58 0:32
8 Helen Michaud 50:30 51:03 0:33
9 Jim Wendland 36:20 37:00 0:40
10 Bob Dawson 45:00 44:11 0:49
11 Moe Danis 39:30 40:21 0:51
12 John Ruetz 47:30 46:30 1:00
13 John Duralia 39:30 40:35 1:05
14 Mike Theunissen 52:00 50:47 1:13
15 Steve "Peep Show" Apperson 46:00 43:20 2:40
16 Rick Edwards 50:00 54:02 4:02
DNF Alison Burton 56:30 n/a n/a

Shoe of Shame Award
The Shoe of Shame is awarded to the runner whose result differs from their predicted time by the greatest amount.
And the winner is - Steve "Peep Show" Apperson - with a time differential of 2 minutes 40 seconds.