Fall 2016 Results Summary

Friday November 4, 2016

It was a typical fall day, chilly while waiting at the start line, but fantastic for running! We had 24 runners toe the line for the 54th RunDown

Over the course of 54 races we've had runners of all abilities toe the line, including one pregnant runner. Now it has been two, congrats Olena!! Interesting, Olena submitted a joke run time for the baby. If we had officially entered the baby in the race, she/he would have been within 1 second of mom's prediction and would have won the 5k...if only mom could have guessed her own time that well!!

Our 10K winner is a repeat winner. As they neared the finish line, Ryan Groen was closing in on last years Shoe of Shame winner, Courtney Mitenko. Unsure whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, Ryan held his pace finishing behind Courtney and was within 7 seconds of his time! This is Ryan's 3rd time hoisting the trophy, although for a few shocking moments it appeared like there would be no trophy to hold up as Dan Burton's attempt to "fix" the trophy resulted in him holding multiple pieces!!! After letting Dan struggle in panic for a few minutes, he received some help and the trophy was fixed!!

Last race, Courtney and her parents, Brian and Pat Hollas, crossed the finish line 1rst, 2nd, 3rd (in that order) to become our first shoe of shame family! They rebounded this year with a fantastic run and finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th closest to their times in the 10k (in the same order)! Well done!

Viviane Bossy ran the 3rd fastest time in the 5k race and was 8.5 seconds off her time to win the trophy. This is Viviane's second time winning!

The winner of the Shoe of Shame was obvious to everyone who started after "Shoe" D'Aloisio. Since we run an out and back course, you can judge how other runners are performing based on when you see them. Shoe was way ahead of the pack and was well past the turn around point before many other 10 k runners saw her strongly running the other way!! It was no surprise to hear she was over 4 minutes ahead of her time

Finally, the Beat the Handicapper contest. This award goes to the person who knows people better than they know themselves. This award was won yet again by Mike Theunissen. Perhaps, he just pick everyone's time for them!

See you all in the spring!

Fall 2016 picture
10 KM Results - Winner Ryan Groen
5 KM Results - Winner Viviane Bossy
Shoe of Shame Award
The Shoe of Shame is awarded to the runner whose result is less than their submitted predicted time by the greatest amount.
Shoe of shame
This race, the shoe goes to Sue "Shoe" D'Aloisio, who ran 4 minutes and 19 seconds faster than her prediction.
Beat the Handicapper Contest
The Beat the Handicapper Contest is won by the person who correctly guesses the results of four other runners most accurately.
This award was won by Mike Theunissen, whose total prediction was off by 115 seconds!!
Race Volunteers
The race wouldn't be a success without the generous help of the race volunteers. This year's volunteers were :
Alison Burton
Race Organizing Committee
The race comes together twice a year through the efforts of the race organizing committee.
Alison Burton - race communication
Mike Theunissen - race results & preparation of race entries and fee collection
Jim Wendland, Mike Williams - race course detail
Glen Bergen - volunteers
Tracey Taylor-Wood - prize table
Olena Koulik - trophy engraving
Bob Dawson, Ryan Groen - web site
Dan Burton - bossing others