Fall 2017 Results Summary

Friday October 27, 2017

We woke on the day of our 56th Rundown to a cold overcast day, it didn't look good for the race. However, luck was on our side and the sun came out for the race and 22 runners enjoyed almost perfect running weather!

Due to this great running weather, we set a race record for runners beating their time! Every 10K runner and 8 out of 11 5K runners ran faster than their time, well done everyone!!

Our 10K winner has now won the race for an impressive sixth time! Dan Burton ran a time of 44:00. However, as a veteran of this race Dan should be a little embarassed with this win as it was a full minute faster than is predicted time of 45:00. Dan, you can do better than that!

The 5K race gave us more excitement with three runners being within 21 seconds of their time. The race was won by Nancy Brookbank who ran 12.3 slower than her predicted time. This was Nancy's first time winning the 5k, congrats Nancy!

The Shoe of Shame went to Olena Verwey who set another record for being so far ahead of her time. More detail on this can be found below.

Finally, the Beat the Handicapper contest. This award goes to the person who knows people better than they know themselves. The person who can look past the predictions and into each person's soul to divine what pace they will run when all pretense is stripped away. This award was won by another race veteran, Michael Theunissen.

See you all in the spring!

Fall 2017 picture
10 KM Results - Winner Dan Burton
5 KM Results - Winner Nancy Brookbank
Shoe of Shame Award
The Shoe of Shame is awarded to the runner whose result is less than their submitted predicted time by the greatest amount.
Shoe of shame
This race, the shoe goes to Olena Verwey, who ran a record setting 11 minutes and 19 seconds faster than her prediction. Although to be fair, we have to put an asterisk beside this one. Olena had planned to walk the route while pushing her baby in the stroller. However, they arrived at the race late and Olena ran part of the route so that she would be there for the pictures!
Beat the Handicapper Contest
The Beat the Handicapper Contest is won by the person who correctly guesses the results of four other runners most accurately.
This award was won by Michael Theunissen whose total prediction was off by 140.7 seconds!!
Race Volunteers
The race wouldn't be a success without the generous help of the race volunteers. This year's volunteers were :
Alison Burton
Cathy Cranbury
Race Organizing Committee
The race comes together twice a year through the efforts of the race organizing committee.
Alison Burton - race communication
Mike Theunissen - race results & preparation of race entries and fee collection
Mike Williams - race course detail
Glen Bergen - volunteers
Tracey Taylor-Wood - prize table
Mike Williams - trophy engraving
Bob Dawson, Ryan Groen - web site
Rick Groot - awards and prizes MC
Dan Burton - bossing others...that's really it. He doesn't do much.