Race History


Over the years we've had a lot of fun with the race. Click on the links below to learn about the history of each race.

Spring 2018 - Dan Burton wins the 10k for the 7th time and xxxxxxxx wins the 5k.
Fall 2017 - Dan Burton wins the 10k for the 6th time and Nancy Brookbank wins the 5k.
Spring 2017 - Rick Groot wins the 10k for the 4rth time and Phil Gibson wins the 5k.
Fall 2016 - Ryan Groen wins the 10k for the 3rd time and Viviane Bossy wins the 5k for the 2nd time.
Spring 2016 - Glen Bergen wins the 10k for the 3rd time and Olena Verwey wins the 5k becoming the first runner to have won all 3 of the RunDown Race trophies (10K, 5K and the Shoe of Shame).
Fall 2015 - Cari Howard wins the 10k and Viviane Bossy wins the 5k, both are first time winners.
Spring 2015 - Glen Bergen wins the 10k for the second time, while Michael Theunissen wins the 5k for the first time.
Fall 2014 - Alan Rooks wins the 10k for the first time, while Tammy McNamee wins the 5k for the second time.
Spring 2014 - Rick Groot wins the 10k for the third time, while Andrew Zettel wins the 5k for the first time.
Fall 2013 - Dan Burton is our first 5 time winner in the 10K and Alison Burton wins the 5K, camera in hand (again!)
Spring 2013 - Sue D'Aloisio is a first time winner in the 10K and Alison Burton wins the 5K, camera in hand
Fall 2012 - Ryan Groen wins the 10K with the second fastest time of the day, and Peter Aultman is a third time winner if the 5K
Spring 2012 - Olena Koulik is a first time winner in the 10k, and Alan Rooks wins the 5K
Fall 2011 - Dan Burton becomes our second 4 time winner, and Mike Brenneman wins the 5K
Spring 2011 - Race Veteran Ryan Groen finds 10k glory, and Tammy McNamee wins the 5K
Fall 2010 - Glen Bergen takes the 10k title ,and Mike Wigglesworth wins the 5K
Spring 2010 - Sam Lancaster takes the 10k title ,and Nancy Brookbank wins the 5K
Fall 2009 - Mike Theunissen takes his first 10k title ,and Cathy Cranbury becomes the first person to defend a RunDown title by repeating her 5K victory from the Spring of '09
Spring 2009 - Kathy Dawson becomes the first runner with her name on the 10K and 5k trophies. Cathy Cranbury takes the 5K.
Fall 2008 - Dan Burton wins a very close 10K race, Peter Aultman takes the 5K.
Spring 2008 - From Shoe of Shame in Fall 07 to Race Champ in Spring 2008, Shannon Schwartz is the winner of the 10K. Mike Brenneman takes the 5K
Fall 2007 - Carrie Theunissen wins the 10K, Maribel Linfield takes the 5K crown
Spring 2007 - A tie for first in the 10K, only 4 runners in the 5K
Fall 2006 - Bad weather dude delivers on a bad ass weather day
Spring 2006 - First time runner makes her mark on the 10K and was that Rosie Ruiz we saw in the 5K?
Fall 2005 - Paul Boundy returns to the scene of his many crimes
Spring 2005 - The Mostert Dash is born
Fall 2004 - Lucky 7 for two runners
Spring 2004 - Third time's a charm
Fall 2003 - For the first time a 5K runner takes the trophy
Spring 2003 - An old vet wins the race for the first time
Fall 2002 - The RIM park route gets a Grand make over
Spring 2002 - Lost in the Wind at RIM Park
Fall 2001 - After 20 races, RIM Park is the new home to the race
Spring 2001 - Goodbye to the Erbsville course
Fall 2000 - Panty Gate
Spring 2000 - Chasing the Pot of Gold
Fall 1999 - Helene Michaud and Rick Kean tie each other up
Spring 1999 - PAR Time
Fall 1998 - Peep Show
Spring 1998 - Mandy wins and Deb is shameful
Fall 1997 - Two race vets duke it out for victory
Spring 1997 - Spider spins a winning web
Fall 1996 - Robert Floyd wins
Spring 1996 - Girls rule the day - top 6 finishers all female
Fall 1995 - Big day for the little one
Spring 1995 - A suave bonk
Fall 1994 - Suave Handicapper
Spring 1994 - Doggie Style
Fall 1993 - Time for a change (of clothes that is)
Spring 1993 - First time for a double winner
Fall 1992 - Uncle Fester's day
Spring 1992 - A Kean day
Fall 1991 - No go karts allowed, time to run at Erbsville
Spring 1991 - Girls Rule - goodbye to Maryhill
Fall 1990 - Second race at Maryhill
Spring 1990 - Kick-off race