The RunDown


The RunDown began in the Spring of 1990 as a friendly race between 9 members of the Mutual Life running group. The race was run in Maryhill and everyone was 'handicapped' according to skill and fitness level to give everyone an equal opportunity to cross the finish line first.

Today, the race follows the original format with some minor modifications. In today's version of the race, it is run on the scenic Walter Bean trail by the Grey Silo golf course and each runner selects their own predicted time. The runner who is able to run closest to their predicted time (no stop watches, of course) is awarded the prestigious trophy.

The person who crosses the finish line first, hence 'sand bagging' their time to the greatest degree, wins the famous 'Shoe of Shame' Award.

For years, the race was called the 'Handicap Race' and in the spring of 2004 it was renamed to the RunDown.

Current Events

Results from Fall 2017 are now available.

For more pictures from this and past races, view the race shutterfly site.


A Picture from the Fall 2017 race
Fall 2017 picture