Spring 2005 Results Summary

The spring of 2005 saw 41 athletes tow the starting line, 30 in the 10K and 11 in the 5K run. There was an expansion to three in our 'youth' group - kids skipping school to participate in the race:)

For the first time ever and thanks to Peter Mostert, a separate award was given for the 5K race. Kathy Dawson became the first ever winner of the new trophy when she let Kelsey Dawson sprint ahead of her at the finish line, cleverly clinching her victory 17 seconds under her predicted time of 35:00

In the 10K, Tracy Gerber was a first time winner posting a time of 53:33, 3 seconds over her predicted time of 53:30, narrowly beating Stef Edwards by 1 second. Stef turned in a time of 43:56.

Once again the fastest time of the day in the 10K race went to Jim Wendland in a time of 36:56 (which by the way was one minute 30 seconds faster than his time from fall 2004). Who says you don't get faster with age!

In the 5K, Alex Dawson turned in a time of 23:45 for the fastest time, 1:15 under his predicted time.

Spring 05 Run Down race
10 km Results
Tracy Gerber won the 10K closest to predicted time award, followed closely by Stef Edwards and Moe Danis.
10 KM Results
5 km Results
Kathy Dawson won the 5K closest to predicted time award, followed by Kelsey Dawson and Cathy Cranbury.
5 KM Results
Shoe of Shame Award
The Shoe of Shame is awarded to the runner whose result is less than their submitted predicted time by the greatest amount.
And the winner is - Maribel Linfield - with a time differential of 5 minutes, 27 seconds.
Beat the Handicapper Contest
The Beat the Handicapper Contest is won by the person who correctly guesses the results of four other runners most accurately.
Kathy Dawson wins with a total difference of 1:20.
Race Volunteers
The race wouldn't be a success without the generous contribution of the race volunteers. This year's volunteers were :
Peter Mostert
Jason Gregoire
Mandy Beauchesne
Tracey Renon
Michael D'Aloisio and his buddy
Race Organizing Committee
The race comes together twice a year through the efforts of the race organizing committee.
Alison Burton - race communication
Mike Theunissen - preparation of race entries and fee collection
Jim Wendland - race course detail
Sue D'Aloisio - volunteers
Helen Ruetz - prize table
Bob Dawson - race results and web site
Dan Burton - we're not sure what he does