Spring 2012 Results Summary

June 8, 2012

Frist time winner in the 10k was Olena Koulik with a time of 54:34, 26 seconds off her predicted time of 55 minutes.

Alan Rooks won the 5K, by coming within 5 seconds of his predicted time of 20 minutes.

spring 2012 Run Down race

10K Winner Olena Koulik

10 KM Results

5K Winner Alan Rooks

5 KM Results
Shoe of Shame Award
The Shoe of Shame is awarded to the runner whose result is less than their submitted predicted time by the greatest amount.
And the winner is 5K runner - Peter Aultman - with a time differential of 2 minutes 25 seconds below his predicted time of 34:30.
Beat the Handicapper Contest
The Beat the Handicapper Contest is won by the person who correctly guesses the results of four other runners most accurately.
Tyler Whittier wins with a total difference of 3 minute 3 seconds.