Spring 2014 Results Summary

Friday June 13, 2014

We woke up on race day to see rain falling! While some were worried about running in the rain, others were looking forward to it in the hopes that it would keep the tempature down.

The 49th running of the Rundown Race began overcast and cool, but the sun quickly came out and brought some heat and humidity. It was enough to cause many runners to run slower than their predicted times!

For any numbers geeks out there (this may just be for Olena and me), this was our 49th race, Dan Burton has fought through injuries over the years to run all 49 races and today was his 49th birthday. Well done Dan!!! Happy birthday!

The race is run on the Walter Bean trail which winds around the Grey Silo golf course following the Grand River. It is not uncommon to see various birds, squirrels, chipmunks and mice while running the course. However, today was the first time that we almost had our own story for the show 'When animals attack!'. A mother deer took exception to how close Peter Aultman was to her family. Click here for the full story.

Back to back 5k winner Alison Burton decided to be a volunteer this year which opened the door for the rest of the 5k runners to grab the glory. Andrew Zettel answered the call, running 16 seconds slower than his predicted time.

Rick Groot hoisted the 10k trophy for the third time, running 20 seconds faster than his prediction.

Mike Williams won the Beat the Handicapper contest, while the dreaded Shoe of Shame award goes to Carrie Theunissen.

We had a great turn out for this race and look forward toward even more runners in the fall for our 50th race!!! Start challenging your friends now, so they are ready to join us in the fall!

Spring 2014 picture
10 KM Results - Winner Rick Groot
sprint 2014 Run Down race 10k winner
5 KM Results - Winner Andrew Zettel
spring 2014 Run Down race 5k winner
Shoe of Shame Award
The Shoe of Shame is awarded to the runner whose result is less than their submitted predicted time by the greatest amount.
Shoe of shame
Following 5k runner Christa Hallman's shameful win last race (she finished 6 minutes and 8 seconds ahead of her prediction), the winner this year is 5k runner Carrie Theunissen who ran 4 minutes and 55 seconds faster than her prediction. Hmmmm....Christa and Carrie train together. Am I seeing a pattern here?
Beat the Handicapper Contest
The Beat the Handicapper Contest is won by the person who correctly guesses the results of four other runners most accurately.
Mike Williams wins with a total difference of 372.44 seconds.
Race Volunteers
The race wouldn't be a success without the generous help of the race volunteers. This year's volunteers were :
Jim Wendland
Olena Koulik
Alison Burton
Race Organizing Committee
The race comes together twice a year through the efforts of the race organizing committee.
Alison Burton - race communication
Mike Theunissen - race results & preparation of race entries and fee collection
Jim Wendland - race course detail
Glen Bergen - volunteers
Tracey Taylor-Wood - prize table
Mike Wigglesworth - trophy engraving
Bob Dawson, Ryan Groen - web site
Dan Burton - bossing others