When Deer Attack!!!

Friday June 13, 2014

During the Spring 2014 running of the 49th Rundown Race, Peter Aultman came face to face with a family of deer. Here is the recap of the encounter, in mostly his own words.


I'm running down the trail and know I am gaining on the first place runner. It is just a matter of time before I pass her. Just after the point where the path splits for the second tee on the golf course, I come around the bend to the right and there are three deer standing on the path drinking from the puddle. They are about 25 feet away from me. It's a momma deer and two small fawns. I instantly freeze and the momma makes eye contact with me.

I think to myself that if I walk slowly around the left of them, maybe they'll get gently spooked and run away. But after two steps the momma deer reared up on her hind legs and started towards me. I turn and run in a panic for the nearest tree. By the time I got there and looked back, the deer were on the run back towards the river and I could continue the race.

On the bright side, this delay cost me enough time that I did not pass the runner ahead of me and so it saved me from winning the dreaded Shoe of Shame.